Supervised visitation can also be a challenge for you. Typically you have been taking care of your child's everyday needs and have a routine for yourself and your family. Supervised visitation can sometimes feel like one more responsibility. Of course you also have concerns and questions about the visits and how they will affect your child. This is understandable. In difficult times you may also want to talk to a mental health professional or find a support group where you can talk about your feelings. Here are a few suggestions that might help you in the process:
  • Read the Court Order / Custody Order thoroughly
  • Explain to your child where and when the visits will take place
  • Have your child ready on time and be prompt
  • Reassure your child that you support him or her in having a pleasant visit
  • Do not quiz your child about the visit
  • Do not make your child a messenger to the other party



Fees for Kids First services are paid for by the non-custodial parent, or as directed by the Court. The fees must be paid in cash, certified check, or credit / debit card and are paid in advance before the visit or exchange starts.

Supervised Visitation Fees
Off-Site Supervised Visitation (No Abuse Allegations) $50 - $65 Hour
Additional child $10 Hour Per Child
Telephone / Video Monitoring (1 Hour Minimum) $50 Per Hour
Custody Exchange Monitoring $50 Per Exchange
Sobriety / Breathalyzer Test $100 Per Test
Intake Fee $125 Per Parent
Reports For Attorneys, Parents or Court $125 Per Report

Fees are payable in cash, cashier's check, or credit card / debit card and are paid IN ADVANCE. No services will be performed unless the fees for those services are paid in full prior to the services being provided. Fees are hourly and are per child and per monitor. Fees for all supervised visitation services have a two-hour minimum. Fees for services do not include travel fees. Our services are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. * Holiday rates have an additional premium. *
  • Fees for Services are subject to change without prior notification.
Visitation Cancellation / No Show Policy - A twenty-four (24) hour cancellation notification is required. If no cancellation notification is given, the canceling or no show party is responsible for the entire fee for the cancelled visit. The payment must be paid prior to the start of the next scheduled visit.


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