Being with your child in the presence of someone else may be uncomfortable for you, at least in the beginning. You probably have many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly understandable. During tough times you may want to talk to a mental health professional or find a support group to help you with your feelings. Do your best to focus on your relationship with your child. Your patience and commitment will pay off. Here are some suggestions that might be helpful to you:
  • Arrive and depart on time
  • Do not discuss the court case with the child
  • Only talk positive when talking to the child
  • Do not make the child a messenger to the other party
  • Do not talk about or ask about the custodial parent
  • Read the Court Order / Custody Order thoroughly


Off-Site Visitation Monitoring - Supervised visitation services conducted at various locations within the community. Off-site visits allow the parent and child to go to various community locations such as:
  • Local Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Zoo
  • Museum
  • Playground
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
The visiting parent must pay all costs for the monitor during all off-site visits. With Court approval, some cases allow for off-site visitation to take place in the non-custodial parents home.

Therapeutic Supervision - This service allows for a licensed or certified health care professional to supervise the visit between the children and parent. The role of the therapeutic supervisor is to actively intervene when appropriate and help facilitate a positive relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child.

Telephone Monitoring - This service allows our staff to monitor the telephone conversations between the child and the non-custodial parent to ensure nothing inappropriate is being discussed.

Video Conference Monitoring - This service allows for our staff to monitor video conferences between the child and the non-custodial parent.

Custody Exchange Monitoring - This service allows the custodial parent to take the child to a pre-arranged, safe and neutral location. The non-custodial parent can then pickup the child and return the child to the same neutral location once the visit is finished. The pickup times are staggered so that the parents do not have to be in contact with each other. The actual exchange of the children is monitored and documented by Kids First staff. Our staff always tries to make the process as comfortable for the child as possible.


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